Our guests

Who came to us at least once, ceases to be just a guest and becomes the member of the Pichugin’s family...

All at the one table

Who came to us at least once, ceases to be just a guest and becomes the member of the Pichugin’s family...

It is good, all are at home

The guests from Krasnoyarsk, the team on water sports. Tired, but neat, left their shoes.

The house requires care

The joint work unites guests and hosts.

We are proud of the guests

The champions of Russia in underwater sports are the team from the Krasnoyarsk District.

We are proud of the guests

Team athletes from Kaliningrad, winners of interregional competitions in memory of I. Shkodin

Hockey players on vacation

The team of the Vitebsk region in hockey


The national team on fencing the city of Bryansk


Parent team fencing Bryansk


Fans of FC KubGU Kuban State University


So the bikers stretched - it means summer soon:-)

Stuntman Andrey

Hospitable young hostess meets stuntman Andrey from Krasnodar

The atmosphere of the house

The photography can not reflect the soul of our Guest House, but we will try to convey to you the comfort and warmth of PICHUGINHALL.

I's time to drink tea

The beautiful and comfortable dishes

You can prepare any dish

Every guest prepares what he is used

The high standards

Our hospitality is always on the top

Chef cook

If you like to cook, then Pichugin Hall has everything for it

The convenience

Be how as at home, with a high level of security

Relax all together

Collective activity of guests in our room for yoga and fitness

The additional services

The picnic on the backyard for those who like hotter

The little library

The inquisitive mind will find something new


Your favorite activities take with you

The simplicity

The beauty in the elegance and functionality of the simple things

The hospitality

You are expected as the most expensive guests behind this wicket

For the family

The cozy kitchen, both for a large and friendly family

The convenience

Unassuming, but clean and serviceable facilities

To talk

Many places for games and conversations...

The volume

The table will accommodate all the guests, well, or almost everything :-)


Your products will always be kept from spoiling

The additions

Even if the guests are more than planned, no one will be left without a berth

The individuality

The individual safes for storing your documents and other...


Sometimes the most important thing is simply to bow your head and stretch your legs...

The entertainment

Do not leave your favorite programs or serials at home, take with you...

The cabinet of the hospitable host

The careful owner of the Guest House will always help you and answer any questions...

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