Dear friends! We are glad to welcome you to our Guest House, and we will try our best to ensure that your stay leaves only good memories.

The administration of the Guest House appreciates and protects everyone's right to comfort, safety and personal space. We expect respect for our neighbors from you and ask that you follow the simple rules of residence.

The mode of cleaniless

Be how as at home! Keep clean in the rooms, in the shower, in the toilet, in the kitchen! Do not leave unwashed dishes and dirty tables after yourself, you do not want to be left with an uncleaned table or a badly washed plate. It is not customary for us to walk in street shoes. You can use your change shoes or purchase slippers from the administrator. Respect your neighbors.

Kitchen & dining room

Every guest has the right to buy and store food in the place designated for storage, observing the storage conditions of their products. There is no common food, except tea, coffee and sugar in the specified place in the kitchen. Use clean water for drinking and cooking. It is forbidden to take dishes from the Guest House from the kitchen. Do not store damaged products. Do not forget to clean your products before eviction.

No alcohol law

It is forbidden to drink alcohol throughout PICHUGINHALL. We do not settle guests in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. In case of drinking alcohol, the administration of the Guest House reserves the right to immediately evict the guest without a refund.

The mode of security

The individual key and the key from a personal locker for storing valuable things is for access to the room, please keep the keys with you. Do not block the door lock, the door should always be closed. It is forbidden to carry and store cold, firearms, and dangerous substances in the rooms.

We do not smoke

Smoking is prohibited on the territory of the House. Smoking is allowed only in a designated area.

The Internet

Wi-Fi with free internet access is installed throughout the Guest House. Please, when using the Internet, do not upload movies and music, you can watch them online.


  • 1. The places in PICHUGINHALL are provided for citizens of the Russian Federation upon presentation of a passport or a foreign passport, as well as for foreign guests upon presentation of a foreign passport. The persons under 18 years old have the right to live in the hostel only when he accompanied by adults.
  • 2. The time of settlement is 24 hours 7 days in a week:
    - Estimated time is 12.00
    - Check-in from 13.00, check-out is until 12.00
    - The hostel provides round-the-clock registration and reception of arriving and leaving guests.
  • 3. The cost of living for one day is charged for the cancellation of the reservation or change of the period of residence in less than a day, and for groups of 10 people or when booking the entire guest house in less than 5 days
  • 4. If you plan to arrive early from 7:00 to 10:00 or leave later from 15:00 to 18:00, you should pay an additional half of the cost of one day. More in detail about the conditions of early entry and late departure here
  • 5. Pay for accommodation in time, late payment is threatened with warning and eviction if it was not agreed with the administration of the Guest House
  • 6. At the request of the guest, he can be given a room for two or more seats with payment for the cost of these places
  • 7. It is forbidden to make noise, bring guests to the House at night (after 21:30)
  • 8. Before leaving, show the administrator the bedding and hand over the keys from the room and the safe-cupboard (for the loss of keys is a fine of 300 rubles)
  • 9. The administration is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings left in the rooms unattended. To do this, the House has a storage room is the cells are locked to the key
  • 10. Take care of the property and equipment of the Guest House. Immediately inform the administrator on duty in the case of loss or damage, things. In case of breakage of electrical equipment, furniture of other property, the guest is obliged to make a note in the journal of comments, which is at the duty administrator
  • 11. The guests bear financial responsibility for damage and loss of property PichuginHall. The reimbursement of damages that were caused by the guest in connection with loss or damage to the property of the House are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation
  • 12. The video surveillance is installed for your safety and better quality of service in the general places of the Guest House.
  • 13. The administration has the right to transfer the circumstances of the incident to law enforcement bodies, with subsequent eviction without refund accommodation in the case of theft or deliberate damage to the personal belongings of the guests or property of the House
  • 14. The rooms are prohibited from in the aims of the safety:
    - the using of electric heaters (kettles, boilers, irons and similar electrical equipment);
    - the smoking;
    - the eating;
    - Drinking alcoholic beverages;
    - use fire;
    - carry out repairs of furniture independetly, electrical equipment, teapots, televisions, sockets, etc.;
    - violate public order, violate the silence after 22 hours;
    - the presence of strangers in the guest house after 21:30 hours;
    - use the property of the Guest House not for its intended purpose, in particular bed linen, towels, bedspreads available in the rooms as rags, bedding, etc.;
    - It is not allowed to carry and store bulky items, flammable materials, explosive substances, cold and firearms and perishable products in rooms.
  • 15. The accommodation with pets is not allowed. (It is possible only by prior arrangement with the administration)
  • 16.PichuginHall does not bear responsibility for violation of the rules of conduct (fire, sanitary, personal hygiene, safety and safe behavior, etc.), they entailed negative, unforeseen, etc. consequences, and such guests are evicted without refund
  • 17. We are entitled to refuse to stay with the guest without explaining the reasons
  • 18. The prepaid payment is returned within 5 calendar days in case of cancellation of the accommodation
  • 19. The bed linen and towels are included in the price accommodation. The change of the linen is made on the fourth day of stay, or earlier for an extra fee, on request. Wet room cleaning and garbage collection are carried out every second day
    The Guest House PichuginHall is not responsible for the operation of city services and communications.